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Thread: 2018-19 Cowboys Press Releases

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    2018-19 Cowboys Press Releases

    2018 Rookie Report - Last Edit 3/23/17 (2018 Ex Week 3)

    1.22 FL Fred Kinney - We are in desparate need of a good WR and had been planning to use our 1st pick for one all year. I was shocked when Kinney was still available at 22 since he looks to be one of the best WRs in the draft with his only downside his being a red flag and snapped him up immediately. I just have to hope he doesn't get suspended now.......
    --guessing 62 rating
    --first look 37/61
    --after TC 40/64 +3/+3 -changed to SE
    --after Wk2 41/63 +1/-1
    Kinney stayed right where i expected him to be and will be starting for us immediately.

    2.23 TE Claude Ramon - In looking to the future I decided to go with a TE in the 2nd since although i have 2 solid young backup TEs my starter(Sims) is in his 9th season so i need to try and develop a replacement. Ramon looks like he might work for us my only real hangups on him is his 3rd down catching ability and run blocking.
    --guessing 51 rating
    --first look 33/52
    --after TC 36/52 +3/+0
    --after Wk2 36/55 +0/+3
    will be a backup for the next couple years, likely starting once Sims retires

    4.23 QB Edgar Burney - This was an AI pick, I wasn't planning on a QB this draft but here's my take on him. Burney looks like he could be a pretty good backup QB but since Cassidy(QB i drafted last year) looks better, he will likely be either 3rd or 4th string for me depending on if i pick Eddy back up from RFA.
    --guessing 46 rating
    --first look 13/44
    --after TC 18/43 +5/-1
    --after Wk2 18/44 +0/+1
    no surprises here, will be fighting with Cassidy over 2nd string spot

    5.22 CB Grayson Zielinski - I was looking for a safety here but couldn't find one i liked so i'm planning to convert him and hoping he can gain weight in TC this year. I'm also hoping his KR will be high enough that i can let Rosengard go so i'm not using a spot for a dedicated KR.
    --guessing 42 rating
    --first look 25/42
    --after TC 30/42 +5/+0
    --after Wk2 33/49 +3/+7
    a nice improvement he'll be 2nd string SS, unfortunately his KR rating dropped so i'll have to keep Rosengard.

    6.5 RB MacKenzie Smoot - Didn't really see a lot i liked here so i went BPA and picked up another backup RB, i've got a pretty well rounded young RB crew so will probably be trading someone after i see how they do in camp this year.
    --guessing 42 rating
    --first look 25/42
    --after TC 25/35 +0/-7
    --after Wk2 25/29 +0/-6
    a bust that will be cut, luckily i was planning on trading him if he turned out ok and didn't actually need him

    6.23 RT Frank Rodenhauser - We allowed 56 sacks last year so i was in the market for pass protection. Rodenhauser looks like he'll fit the bill although i would prefer better run blocking for my end runs.
    --guessing 36 rating
    --first look 25/38
    --after TC 27/38 +2/+0 -changed to LT
    --after Wk2 37/55 +10/+17
    a huge and much needed boom, he'll be starting right away

    7.22 RT Curtis Singleton - Another option for a T he's not as strong as Rodenhauser but he's a better blocker.
    --guessing 40 rating
    --first look 19/47 (changed to LT)
    --after TC 23/45 +4/-2
    --after Wk2 22/51 -1/+6
    a nice improvement but will be backup for Rodenhauser since he improved his blocking so much and is stronger

    Undrafted FAs

    SE Myron Cassidy - looked like a good WR so i decided to try him out
    --after TC 25/44 - Changed to FL
    --after Wk2 25/47
    solid WR, he'll round out my receiver crew as 4th WR

    RG T.J. Trejo - pass blocking is lower than i like but looks to be an amazing run blocker
    --after TC 36/51
    --after Wk2 37/54 +1/+3
    good guard he'll be a backup, making my O-line deep enough i should be able to handle injuries with no problems

    Overall i'm quite happy with my draft even if i am ranked 12th in draft rankings. I now have a nice solid team for the next few years.
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    Where are they now? A look at Dallas' rookies from the past.

    2017 1.30 44/64 RT Max Garrett-- 16 GP, 16 GS, 16/71 KRBs(22.5%), 15 SkA
    -- Garrett started for us his whole rookie year and did well for a player still in development. We're looking forward to having him with us for years to come

    2017 2.15 29/62 RG Leon Dahlquist
    -- 4 GP, 4 GS, 4/12 KRBs(33.3%), 1 SkA
    -- Dahlquist put on a great showing in the 4 games he played for injured RG Kaden Conroy especially considering he is still so undeveloped. Our coaches are excited about what he could be capable of after he gets some more experience.

    2017 2.24 43/56 NT Dominique Terry
    -- 16 GP, 5 GS, 12 Tackles, 9 Assists, 1.5 Sacks, 7 Hurries, 1 Knockdown
    -- Terry worked as backup for most of the year behind veteran NT Clarence Bernatd and we feel he is a solid player who will be ready to step up to starter status once Bernatd slows down our only concern with him is with his low Endurance we will need to pick up another NT to let him get some rest during the game.

    2017 5.12 14/45 QB Vince Cassidy
    -- 2 GP, 2 GS, 45/83(54.2%) completions, 456 yards, 456 ypc, 1 TD, 2 Int, 64.1 QB rating
    -- Cassidy went 1-1 in the last 2 games of the season when we benched QB Seth Foster so he would be rested for the playoffs. He's got a lot of potential as a backup QB (even as a starter with decent receivers) but is very underdeveloped. We'll keep him around a year or two to see how he turns out before making a decision on him.

    2017 6.11 34/42 RB Kristopher Garner
    -- 16 GP, 1 GS, 53 carries, 165 yards, 3.11 ypc, 2 TDs, 5 targets, 5 catches, 12 yards
    -- Garner played as our 2nd string RB and covered a couple formations to let RB Levon Compton rest when he needed to. He's done everything we've asked of him and will be a solid backup for years to come.

    2017 7.10 38/44 FL Rico Steward
    -- 16 GP, 13 GS, 34/56(60.7%) catches, 359 yards, 10.56 ypc, 134 YAC, 2 TD, 2 drops
    -- Steward did great his rookie year and while not a star we see him as a solid option in our passing game for years to come.

    Undrafted FAs of note

    2017 Undrafted 34/51 RCB Lionel Norton
    -- 15 GP, 0 GS, 1 ST Tackle
    -- We had so many quality DBs this year that Norton didn't get a single snap that wasn't special teams. However with LCB Randy Atwood in his 11th year and RCB Lionel Prior in his 10th year we expect him to be a bigger part of the defense in the next year or two and are looking forward to seeing how he does.
    CCFL - Dallas Cowboys GM since 2016
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