I think we will be better than last season but that is not saying much we sucked. The offense has the potential to be strong with QB Foley a capable starter and a versatile Sipes at HB leading the way. We are very young but talented at WR which should get better as the season goes on. Powell at TE is another quality target for Foley. Now on to the bad. I think what is going to hinder us contending for a playoff spot is the offensive line which is below average at best. Foley is going to run for his life most of the season and Sipes is going to find it hard running. The line shows that it might grow into a decent unit but that is a few years away. I think in this case you can't go far with a weak line.

The defense I think has the chance to be very strong if injuries don't slow it down. The D-line with Wilcox, Upshaw and Boone is one of the best in the league and should put good pressure on opposing QBs and be able to control the run. We have a decent linebacker core with SLB Bush and SILB Epperson leading the way. The other LB positions show promise but are young. Secondary is not bad but far from great. Corners Betancourt and Grijalva are very capable corners but neither one is elite. Horton is a real good fit in the nickel and dime packages. Our safeties Small and Barnes are a very strong duo. So I think the defense is the strength of our team.

Even though I think we have a strong defense and good pieces on offense the weak offensive line will be our undoing this season. I would be happy with 9 wins but think we will end up with 6 or 7 wins.