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Thread: League Settings/ House Rules

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    League Settings/ House Rules


    • PLAYER POOL: Fictional, FOF-Generated
    • TEAMS: NFL 2016 Defaults
    • FINANCES: Equalized at start in 2016
    • LEAGUE NAME: The Cap Crunch Football League (CCFL)
    • WEB SITE:
    • CAP REDUCTION: 15%
    • CAP INCREASE RANGE: 0 to 99
    • TRADE DEADLINE: Week 8.


    • No Franchise Tag allowed.
    • Take no more than 70 players under contract to Training Camp
    • Each team must be under the league salary cap at the conclusion of FA1:12, and again by the end of the Preseason. Failure to do so will result in league mandated cuts and a possible loss of draft picks.
    • If we have any teams run by the FOF AI, they are not subject to these rules.
    • No moving franchises. Stick with the 32 NFL cities as they are. This makes things easier for the commish, and because everything is equalized, there should be little/no practical incentive to move.
    • Draft-and-trade is allowed. (Draft a rookie and trade him in the same season. This is only for draftees, not rookie free agents.)

    All owners are expected to make a good-faith effort to compete. "Tanking" (putting forth little/no effort to win) to improve draft position is a no-no. Generally speaking, unless there's a promising backup who could use development, teams are expected to start their best players. The following actions are always considered acceptable and not in violation:

    • A player injured to any degree may be benched until fully healed.
    • When a team has clinched a playoff berth, that team may rest its starters if it so chooses.

    Beyond the above, whether a team is in violation of this clause is up to the sole discretion of the Commish, so if you're in doubt about a course of action, please ask before you undertake it. Penalties for being in violation of this clause may include loss of draft picks, being dropped down in the draft order, or any other penalty deemed fit by the Commish, up to and including expulsion from the league.

    "Roster dumps" are not allowed. To give people a better idea of what I'm looking for when I look at trades, it is always going to throw up a yellow flag when I notice that a player who is a clear starter, head and shoulders above others at his position on the team, is traded away. In my view, to meet the standards of the competitiveness clause means that players like that should only be traded...

    1. When the team has serious current cap troubles. (As in they are maybe 15% or more over the cap in the current season.)
    2. When the player is in the final year of his contract, asking for big money, and the team is close to the cap.
    3. When the team has already drafted a clear replacement at a position where depth can be reasonably sacrificed, like QB or OL.
    4. When the team has an excess of quality players at that position.

    If none of the above conditions are present, it's likely that the trade of a clear starter will be overturned.

    The catch-all is "if it's allowed in FOF and not specifically forbidden above, then it's allowed in the CCFL." So, the following are not house rules, but I want to be clear that these standard FOF rules are in place.

    • Sign and trade is illegal, as per FOF rules. (One exception, mentioned above: you may trade a rookie drafted by you in the same season he was drafted.)
    • All renegotiations are allowed, as per FOF rules.
    • You can't trade a draft pick that doesn't exist yet in the game.

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    Atlanta Falcons
    2025 RECORD: (11-5-0)

    PASS: N Moore (4,155) (#9)
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    "Trading and competitiveness" section added for clarification.

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